Integrative Health Care

Auricular Medicine

Auricular Medicine is an Alternative and Naturopathic medicine that is a comprehensive and unique practice that can be used for diagnosis and treatment.  This microsystem of healing therapy is deeply rooted in the combination of Eastern and Western medical theories.  It has been researched and proven to have a great deal of therapeutic benefits treating a wide variety of diseases.  However, it is more commonly known as a treatment for drug and alcohol addiction using the insertion of tiny needles or the application of a 'vaccaria seed' patch.  Stimulating these points have a direct connection with the brain and can induce healing and create homeostasis. But, it can treat a whole lot more!

Auricular acupuncture points connect internal organs, collaterals, tissue, limbs, bone, and channels.   Ancient physicians noticed that the health of the internal organs can be assessed from the location, shape, size, and color of the ear.  If you look at the ear closely you might see a projected image of an inverted embryo.  Therefore, Auricular Medicine has been based on the theory of Embryology.

Currently, there are three different systems of Auriculotherapy being utilized by practitioners globally.  Since the 1950's, a French Surgeon, Dr. Paul Nogier was the first to make great advancments and developments in this field in Europe.  However, in the past 45 years, Dr. Lee-Chun Huang, also an internationally known authority on auricular therapy herself, has conducted a number of researach groups, published many papers, textbooks, and has trained thousands of doctors in her system of Auricular Medicine. It is with great pride that I offer this unique therapeutic modality in my own clinical practice.  It's amazing!!  Ears can talk!  They record all major problems of the body; past, present, and future.