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…Annette’s Testimonial:

“My journey into motherhood was not easy. It was more complicated for me than any of my friends or family. It took my husband and I about 6 years to have our son. We were told by fertility doctors that I was fine, and my husband was fine, we just had a hard time sustaining life together. The actual term is unexplained reoccurring pregnancy loss...nice, huh. After several miscarriages and a lot of heart ache, my husband and I were ready to give it one more shot and we were thinking about acupuncture and were lucky enough to have Georgette pop into our lives. She did not go over statistics with us. She did not run more tests. She did not make me feel like a number in her waiting room. She made me feel hopeful. She made me feel useful. She gave me something to do. She supported me and lovingly gave me lectures when I needed them. Georgette was invested in my well being. Georgette and acupuncture helped my body get prepared to be a mother; I had never done that before. Georgette gave me useful everyday things to do to make my body well, to make my body open to pregnancy and strong enough to nurture and grow my sweet little son. I would highly recommend Georgette to anyone trying to become a mom, or anyone just trying to have a healthy, centered body. We fondly call Georgette our son's fairy Godmother. She will always be part of our family. Best of luck to you on your journey....” Annette Rodriguez and son Samuel

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