Integrative Health Care

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:


My background in Integrative Body-Psychology has led me to believe that the human body and the human condition is always striving for balance and homeostasis. Challenges by our environment, our dietary habits, our negative belief systems, and unresolved issues and emotions can often lead to stress, loss of energy, pain, and disease.

It is my goal as a practitioner to facilitate change and educate my patients in the areas of body, mind, and emotions, and spirit.  Responsibility lies in the hands of the individual.  I believe that a physician is a teacher who helps their patients work through problems at all levels.  It is my intent to use my knowledge of a patient's past and present condition to discern what might happen in the future; and to establish  a healing strategy for each individual that will bring about a balanced state of health and well being. 

Educating patients empowers them to take an active and mindful path to living and healing.  My education in the fields of transpersonal counseling  psychology, family systems, expressive art therapy, compassionate communication, meditation, ashtanga yoga, eastern and western nutrition, East Asian  Medicine, Ayurveda,  has provided the foundation for navigating the way for my own personal journey into healing and path of self-discovery. In addition, it has given me the holistic perspective to offer a unique, eclectic, and energetic approach to healing. I invite you to explore your own journey into healing.